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Exterior Painting and Preparation

  1. We begin by power washing all surfaces to kill mildew and wash away dirt that could cause flaking. This allows us to have a clean service to begin painting.
  2. To ensure a clean and professional finish. We mask and plastic all windows and doors and light fixtures. Walkways, plants and roofs will be covered by drop cloths.
  3. We then continue to prepare the exterior surface by removing any flaking paint and prime problem areas with top of the line primer. We then caulk all crack and fill all nail holes.
  4. The surface is now ready for paint. We spray and back brush two coats of top of the line paint for maximum absorption and coverage.
  5. We then move on to the trim, we sand and brush two coats of trim paint.
  6. We remove all plastic and trash from us and pick up all drop cloths from walkways and plants.